Workshop Glimpse: Currently available technologies for optogenetics activation – in vivo and in vitro

Written by Sias Jordaan

October 30, 2016

Last week, Micro Control Instruments were privileged to have visited several universities to host a workshop with the central theme of “Currently available technologies for optogenetics activation – in vivo and in vitro”. We had four workshop sessions every day, with the sessions being kept interactive by having only one or two labs represented during each session. 

Various prominent labs attended from Oxford, King’s College and St. George’s in London, Cambridge University, L’université Descartes, Pierre and Marie Curie and Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, all with good feedback and worthwhile contributions to consider for future technology developments.

On the topic of patterned illumination, the new OASIS Implant Patterned Illumination System spurred particular interest, and some interesting discussions. This system allows for simultaneous patterned illumination and imaging in deep tissue, using a micro-fiber array connected with an implanted GRIN lens. The fiber is thin (300-600um) and flexible enough to allow for recordings in freely behaving animals.

Head-mounted microscope solutions have grown in popularity in recent months, but it was evident that the OASIS Implant System offers several advantages over head-mounted microscope solutions.

One central theme which was evident from feedback during the workshop is the desire to combine an imaging lens or fiber with other technologies to allow for electrical recordings, drug application and sensing of biomolecules via a single implantable probe. This will open more frontiers for neuroscientists in combination with the OASIS fiber technology.


Let us know if you’d like to receive more information on patterned illumination options, including the OASIS Implant System


We’re already working on our next round of neurotechnology workshops, but we’d be very keen to receive input on which topics you would like to have addressed during future workshops.


Please also register your interest in future workshops, since we’d be happy to host these at any university around Europe, the US or China where enough interest is identified. 


A word of thanks to everyone who attended and who helped with making these workshop sessions a success.

Looking forward to the next round of workshops!

Sias Jordaan

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