Following every purchase, we ask our customers to complete a short feedback survey.


Testimonials and customer feedback is vitally important for us as a company. We listen to our customers’ comments and adapt our processes accordingly to ensure they are getting the best service. If you have recently purchased equipment from us, please take a moment to complete our short customer feedback survey.

Over the past 18+ months that we have been running our feedback survey initiative, we are very happy to report that 100% of completed customer surveys rated our products, installation and customer services as excellent and our team of experts as professional and timely with their responses.

If you would like to comment on any of our products or services, please contact us.


Read some of MCI’s customer testimonials and feedback below.

“My experience as a customer was excellent”

Rita Bardoni


“We have been very satisfied with the previous optical table we ordered from MCI and we would be interested in ordering new ones.”

Antoine S.

ESPCI Paris, France

“The cage made a drastic change to the amount of noise we were picking up. We are happy with the large reduction that the cage offers. Thank you for helping me sort this out. And a big thank you to your engineers for getting it set up for us.”

Jake Diggins

Aston University, England

“I am very satisfied with my equipment and have recommended your manipulators and cameras to others on my recent trip.”

Joe Raimondo

University of Cape Town, South Africa

“Simone was unbelievably helpful addressing my questions regarding the EasyArm Manipulator and even put together a video that allowed me to be confident that this product was well suited for my experiments.”

Rory Coleman

Rockefeller University, United States

“The manipulator turned out to be very stable and reliable in all senses for whole-cell recordings in slices, with the WIFI system working without any kind of issue.”

Marco A Diana

Sorbonne University, France