MCI Neuroscience Survey – Electrical Noise in the Lab

Written by Jana Williams

August 19, 2019

Share your noise troubleshooting experience and win our monthly coffee prize whilst helping the electrophysiology community!

At MCI, we know that electrical noise in an electrophysiology setup is a recurring source of frustration for every researcher. Firstly, the amplitude and frequency of electrical noise vary greatly depending on its source and this can impact negatively on your data. In addition, we have all heard of various equipment that can impact on and enhance electrical noise, such as mobile phones, radios, centrifuges, water baths, perfusion systems, and many others.


There are so many other sources that noise can originate from and when combined with hours of troubleshooting, it can create a feeling of helplessness. Therefore to help the patch-clamp community in reducing noise, increasing morale and high-quality data output, we put together this short survey.


Tell us about your previous experiences and you could be the lucky winner of our monthly coffee prize, to ensure not only your rig’s efficiency, but also yours. Good luck!

The MCI Team

Please note: The winner’s name will be drawn randomly on monthly basis, announced shortly after prize draw on our social media and contacted via email. We respect your privacy and your contact details will only be used to email you if you win our coffee prize. We will publish the survey results on our social media in due course however no names / identification will be used in the publication of the results.