Aston University

Aston University requested a custom Faraday cage solution for their EEG research with an EGI NetStation. This cage needed to be large enough for a participant to be seated inside, and needed to included an EMF shielded window for viewing images/information on a computer monitor outside the cage.

They required noise reduction from the MRI machine inside the same lab which caused interference with their EEG recordings, as well as from the computer monitor which prompted responses from the participants.

We were happy to deliver and install this custom EEG Faraday cage (120x120x205 cm) to Aston University’s Psychology Department in Birmingham.

After testing the cage they said that:

“The cage made a drastic change to the amount of noise we were picking up. …We are happy with the large reduction that the cage offers. Thank you for helping me sort this out. And a big thank you to your engineers for getting it set up for us.”

Jake Diggins

Aston University, UK