The field of optogenetics is constantly progressing the face of neuroscience research. The method of optical stimulation in combination with genetic approaches makes it possible to manipulate especially neurons in the study of specific cell types and neural circuits. The optogenetics method entails expressing light-sensitive proteins in cells and using light pulses to control their electrical activity. This method has opened up a realm of data on how specific parts of the brain function and insight into neurodegenerative diseases.

Micro Control Instruments provides a variety of our own superb R&D products that are great for optogenetics research as well as some from other leading suppliers.


CleverExplore Illuminate and Bepoke Rig Design

The CleverExplore Illuminate is a superb neuroscience workstation upgraded specifically for optogenetics research. This system comprises as standard the MCI CleverScopeCleverStage U-shaped stage, and CleverArm manipulators. Additionally, the Migthex Polygon spatial illuminator and a scientific camera are integrated for a complete optogenetics system.

We also offer a great service in assisting you with setting up a brand new and future proof optogenetics rig, which will suit both your unique requirements and budget whilst providing you with long-term after sales service. This means that you can sit back and we will take on the worries, time and planning for you. Please visit our Bespoke Rig Design service page to see how you can benefit and assure your future in optogenetics research.


Mightex Polygon Systems & OASIS Implant

The Mightex Polygon is a spatial patterned illuminator that provides precise spatio-temporal illumination on your sample with sub-cellular resolution. Our adept application team can also incorporate the Polygon into out CleverExplore workstations for the ultimate in vivo and in vitro optogenetics rigs, to offer you more flexibility in your future research paradigms. Additionally, the Polygon can be coupled to the OASIS implant system for use in behavioural task studies.


Teleopto Optogenetics Systems

The Teleopto wireless optical stimulation system is the ideal solution for your optogenetics experiments in freely moving animals. This wireless technology comprises light-weight head-mounted receivers for superlative compatibility and fixation with most rodent sizes. This wireless system can control up to 4 channels simultaneously.  Teleopto also developed an innovative LED array  system for in vitro research in cell and tissue cultures. It is small, portable and waterproof as well as compatible with most commercial multi-well plates.


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Additionally, if you are looking into investing in some innovative DIY solutions or a new and future-proof optogenetics setup, we could be of assistance. Please see more information on our Bespoke Rig Design service here.