MCI’s range of quality products as listed below, covers various applications from Imaging, Electrophysiology and Optogenetics.

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Micro Control Instruments Ltd (MCI) is a leading neuroscience equipment developer and integrator, focused on advancing research by supporting the community with exceptional technology, value and service.

We offer a wide range of neuroscience lab equipment covering applications such as Imaging, Electrophysiology and Optogenetics. Our expert team has designed some unique and quality products with careful consideration of their own experience in the field. Our portfolio is reinforced with complementary technology from other leading developers. We are aware of the top equipment requirements that every Electrophysiologist and Neuroscientist deem essential, and therefore, always endeavour to offer only the best quality products.


In Vivo Imaging, Recording and Stimulation

High-resolution in vivo imaging is becoming an increasingly important scientific research field. However, acquiring quality data in living animals is challenging. The field of In Vivo imaging requires ultimate precision in experimental design. But don’t fret, MCI has you covered! Browse through our In Vivo products or get in touch, if you are looking to record images in deep-brain tissues or perform patterned light stimulation in freely behaving animals.



The optogenetics field is revolutionizing the way neuroscience research is being conducted. Light-sensitive ion channels are expressed in cells, allowing the control of these cells’ electrical activity in response to light-pulses. Our product selection will allow you to perform any type of Optogenetics experiment, whether you are studying cell culture, in vitro slices, and/or in vivo head-fixed or freely moving animals.



Micromanipulators are essential components of any experiment requiring precision of movement with submicron resolution. We offer two ranges of micromanipulators: motorised and manually driven. MCI’s micromanipulators were originally designed to perform patch-clamp recordings with nanometre resolution. Nonetheless, they are also used extensively in Physics and Nanotechnology labs, thanks to their characteristic compatibility with a vast range of probe holders.


Microscopes, Imaging and Electrophysiology systems

The MCI Neuroscience team is composed of electrophysiology experts with extensive combined experience in the field. Our CleverExplore workstations offer labs a complete electrophysiology setup. We have selected a unique array of technologies and perfectly integrated them to create a solution that offers a reliable and flexible workstation for a broad range of research and applications. The modular design of these complete electrophysiology rigs further allows easy switch between in vitro and in vivo configurations, as well as the option to upgrade for patterned optogenetic stimulation.


Tables, Stages and Cages

Combined with our CleverExplore Workstation, we offer all equipment necessary to complete your electrophysiology setup. Our anti-vibration tables and our custom-made Faraday Cages are the perfect complement to isolate your recordings from external interference. Our range of stages allows for precise movement of any components of your rig, whether it is motorised or manually driven.


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