TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry

TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry allows in vivo calcium fluorescence measurement in freely behaving animals without optical fiber interference.
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TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry, developed and produced by our partner Teleopto, is the first commercially available wireless fiber photometry system.


What is Fiber Photometry?

Fiber photometry is a powerful ultra-fast technique to detect neuronal activity from specific neuron in awake animals using genetically encoded tools such as calcium indicators (GECIs). In freely moving condition, the optical fiber attached to the head of the animal is used to both excites the indicators and collect the resulting fluorescence. However, the optical fiber can sometimes interfere with experimental setup, therefore being a limitation factor of the method. This is the reason why developing a wireless solution is critical.


What is included in the TeleFipho system?

TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry includes all required components for fiber photometry:

  • optical fiber
  • filter cube
  • light source
  • photo detector
  • wireless transmission circuit.


All the components fit in a very light 3g headstage, making it ideal for rodent experiments. TeleFipho will definitely not block free behavior of your animals, enabling novel experimental approaches using fiber photometry.


TeleFipho Fiber Photometry dataStress induced GCaMP signal from orexin neurons in mouse hypothalamus. Courtesy of Dr. Daisuke Ono in Akihiro Yamanaka Lab, Nagoya University.


If you are interested in dual-band excitation, please have a look at our FiberOptoMeter III for Fiber Photometry.

The versatile and innovative TeleFipho has the following great features:


  • World’s first commercial wireless fiber photometry system
  • Small headstage / adapted for mice, rats, marmosets, etc.
  • Standard 2.5mm ferrule cannula
  • Rechargeable by a dedicated charger
  • Adjustable excitation LED power
  • Adjustable signal offset
  • For GCaMP or GFP-like indicators


GCaMP signal in mouse dorsal striatum - TeleFipho for Wireless fiber photometry

Activity synchronized GCaMP signal in mouse dorsal striatum. LPF 5Hz is applied. Courtesy of Dr. Keitaro Yoshida in Kenji Tanaka Lab, Keio University.

The TeleFipho comes with the following specifications:



Please get in touch for more information.

The TeleFipho Standard Set consists of the following items:

  • TeleFiT 1x TeleFipho Transmitter Headstage
  • TeleFiR 1x TeleFipho Receiver
  • TeleFiCharger 1x TeleFipho Charger
  • TeleFiC_x 3x TeleFipho Cannula
  • TeleFiTool 1x Insertion Tool for TeleFipho
  • TeleFiDummy 1x TeleFipho Dummy Headstage
  • 1x TeleFipho software installer

Please specify the cannula length required for your protocol. The 5mm cannula will be included in all standard sets.


If you are exploring any new research paradigms and would like to know more about how your project could benefit from the TeleFipho system, please get in touch.

The TeleFipho receiver can be directly connected to a PC via USB for fiber photometry data recording. The standard system comes with its own TeleFipho software.


  • TeleFipho software is designed for simple raw data / low pass filtered data recording.
  • Data can be directly read from Matlab / Octave, or can be exported to ASCII format.


TeleFipho Stand Alone for Wireless Fiber Photometry
For more complicated online analysis and / or parallel recording of other physiological data, you can access photometry data as an analog signal via BNC on the front panel of the TeleFipho receiver. Therefore, you can connect external data recording systems (e.g. PowerLab from ADI).
TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry with External Recorder

TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry

TeleFipho for Wireless Fiber Photometry allows in vivo calcium fluorescence measurement in freely behaving animals without optical fiber interference.

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