QMM Quartz Micromanifold

Quartz Micromanifold for focal perfusion
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ALA Scientific’s Quartz Micromanifold (QMM) is a simple and robust solution for combining several perfusion lines into a single, small-scale output for focal perfusion and drug application. Several quartz microcapillaries, connected to perfusion channels, converge into a single 100um or 200um tip.

This tip, with a  dead volume of less than 90nl, can be positioned close to the cell of interest or a tissue target area using a manipulator. The polyimide coated microcapillaries are inert, flexible and damage resistant, which gives a controllable and repeatable flow rate at the QMM tip.

The QMM is perfect for combining with the ALA VC3 perfusion systems. Standard channel counts are 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels with the option of an additional flush channel. Contact us to discuss which option would work best for your application.

QMM Quartz Micromanifold

Quartz Micromanifold for focal perfusion

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