Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table

MCI’s Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Tables are the perfect working platforms for high precision optical microscopy and imaging as well as…
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All successful research needs a stable platform and our Optical tables provide just that. We have worked hard to create the very best in anti vibration table technology to allow your research to continue without vibration interference. Our optical tables have been used by an ever growing number of labs and institutions around the world and have been part of many research success stories.

The Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table includes a honeycomb core structure breadboard as standard, but we also supply high-quality aluminium as well as granite breadboards.

This table features automatic levelling and the pneumatic parts are made by FESTO, Germany. This table requires a compressed air source.


We manufacture a variety of isolation platforms and tables suitable for a wide level of budgets and applications, and custom requirements. Get in Touch with our team today for a quote or to find out more.

MCI’s Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table for electrophysiology and imaging applications feature the latest patented damping mechanism. The ultra-thin pneumatic chambers ensure optimal responsiveness of the damping mechanism to the environment. This table offers excellent damping at frequencies of 2Hz and higher, with 86% horizontal isolation at 5Hz and 88% damping vertically. At 10Hz, we offer 92% isolation horizontally and 95% vertically.

Our optical tables and breadboards are precision-drilled and tapped, with a high-density honeycomb structure layout for damping and sealed cups underneath each hole for easy cleaning.

Please remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and we won’t necessarily charge more for customisation to your requirements.


MCI’s standard sizes for the Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table range:

*The standard height of all tables is 800 mm



Load Capacity (max)

MCI-PNEU09-06 900×600 mm 135 kg
MCI-PNEU10-08 1000×800 mm 200 k
MCI-PNEU12-09 1200×900 mm 270 kg
MCI-PNEU15-10 1500×1000 mm 375 kg
MCI-PNEU18-10 1800×1000 mm 450 kg
MCI-PNEU20-10 2000×1000 mm 500 kg
MCI-PNEU12-12 1200×1200 mm 360 kg
MCI-PNEU15-12 1500×1200 mm 450 kg
MCI-PNEU18-12 1800×1200 mm 540 kg
MCI-PNEU20-12 2000×1200 mm 600 kg
MCI-PNEU24-12 2400×1200 mm 720 kg
MCI-PNEU30-12 3000×1200 mm 900 kg
MCI-PNEU35-12 3500×1200 mm 1050 kg
MCI-PNEU40-12 4000×1200 mm 1200 kg
MCI-PNEU50-12 5000×1200 mm 1500 kg
MCI-PNEU60-12 6000×1200 mm 2000 kg

Technical specifications of MCI’s Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Tables:

Natural frequency 1.0-2.0 Hz vertically and horizontally
Vibration isolation efficiency Vertically 5 Hz 82-88%, 10Hz 86-95%
  Horizontally 5Hz 78-86%, 10 Hz 84-92%
Re-leveling accuracy ± 0.1 mm
Working air pressure 0.2-0.4 MPa
Isolator height adjustment ± 10 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

When would MCI's Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table be the ideal solution?

  • MCI’s Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Tables are the perfect working platforms for high precision optical microscopy and imaging as well as patch clamp experiments
  • When you require automatic, high accuracy self-leveling on the pneumatic isolators
  • When you can’t compromise on the quality of the optical breadboard

What is the functional damping principle?

MCI’s Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table series employs three levels of vibration isolation:

  • The rigid and solid-support of the MCI stainless steel optical table frame serves as the first level of damping
  • Ultra-thin pneumatic piston chambers integrated with porous quasi-laminar flow damping with diffuser. This results in excellent damping of even small vibrations and fast response times.
  • The high-density honeycomb structure of our precision-engineered optical breadboard isolates surfaces on the breadboard from vibrations, whilst maintaining rigidity and surface flatness

Do you offer any other types of vibration isolation solutions?

We know every experimental design requires different techniques and, therefore, different levels of vibration isolation.

In this regard, we offer a range of rigid tables, plus passive and active isolation solutions to meet every requirement. We also supply and custom manufacture a range of optical table accessories. Please see more detail on our MCI Air portfolio on our dedicated website.

What type of customisation do you offer?

Our solutions include custom dimension breadboards and custom table frames. We manufacture the table frames at a height best suited to your personal use.

If your research requires special mounting holes in the breadboard, we can assist you in this. We also provide both metric and imperial drilled holes on the breadboards to be compatible with all your existing equipment in the hole grid pattern you specify.

Our table frames can be made without tie bars, where the isolators provided will then be round in shape. If you do require added stability and sturdiness, we recommend adding square isolators with either a single or two-tier tie bar frame. 

Should your equipment be very heavy, we could further adjust the size of our isolators to accommodate your load capacity requirements.

If you require any other customisation not listed here, please contact us and we will try our utmost to assist you.

What breadboards do you supply?

We manufacture custom size and shape breadboards in two variations, namely aluminium (12 mm thickness or 20 mm thickness) and honeycomb core structure (thickness from 50 mm, depending on the dimensions required). The honeycomb core structure breadboards can also be manufactured with high-quality non-magnetic steel or for suitability in clean room use.

To find out more on these options, please let us call you.

Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table

MCI’s Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Tables are the perfect working platforms for high precision optical microscopy and imaging as well as patch clamp experiments