The Optopatcher micropipette holder with integrated optical fiber
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The Optopatcher, designed by A-M Systems, is a micropipette holder with integrated optical fiber. The innovative design of this holder offers the ability of simultaneous patch-clamp recording and optogenetic activation. Furthermore, this device does not require an extra manipulator nor insertion of the fiber into the tissue. Overall, it is a very user-friendly and cost-effective solution for optogenetics research.


Each Standard Optopatcher Includes

  • One starter fiber
  • Replacement seals
  • One mating sleeve for the ferrule


Please contact us for more information on compatible light stimulating devices for an all-inclusive economical optogenetics system.

The Optopatcher is compatible with most headstages, such as those utilizing a standard female BNC connector, threaded collar or universal headstage connectors. Moreover, this holder features a suction port, a 99.99% pure 0.010 inch silver wire, and a standard (100 mm) fiber optic cannula. The diameter of the polycarbonate holder is 0.5 inch. It is compatible with any capillary glass diameter between 1.2 mm and 2.0 mm OD and custom diameters can be ordered.

The fiber supplied in the Optopatcher needs to be cut to final length for proper fitting within the patch pipette. Publications by the Optopatcher developers determined that the fiber end did not need any special tip treatment for effective light transmission. A blunt cut non-polished fiber end could elicit biological responses provided the fiber end was positioned near the end of the pipette. We recommend that first time Optopatcher purchasers also purchase one of our ruby blade knives (if your lab does not already have one).


The Optopatcher micropipette holder with integrated optical fiber

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