Faraday Cage

MCI Faraday Cages are custom built from high conductivity materials to ensure a large reduction in electromagnetic noise.
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Reduce electromagnetic interference on your rig by enclosing it with an MCI Faraday Cage.


Our Faraday Cages are made from high conductivity corrosion resistant aluminium and copper. The use of aluminium for the Faraday Cage frame further ensures a lightweight product that is easy to transport and assemble. The finely woven copper mesh with nominal aperture <1mm provides a great reduction in electromagnetic noise.


We design and manufacture cages to your dimensional and experimental requirements and can therefore include cable ports, side or top/bottom hinged doors, door handles and latches, grounding, custom dimensions, power line filters, shielded windows, dark cage paneling, LED lighting and more.

MCI Faraday Cages are built to your custom dimensions and requirements, and the design can include:


Floor mesh panel

Wooden base

Double doors or single large door

Door handles & latches

Cable ports

Power line filters


Shielded windows

Dark cage panels

Four or Six supports as a cage stand


Should you have any special requirements not listed here, pleasecontact us for an apt solution.

MCI Faraday Cages come in a range of models;


*5-Panel Cages are compatible for frame-mounting onto MCI Antivibration tables by means of MCI compatible brackets. The open floor allows for mounting of equipment onto a breadboard. This cage can also be used on standard bench tops if there is no need to mount the cage itself to the bench and there are no vibration isolation requirements.


If you wish to use an MCI Faraday Cage with your existing setup, we recommend a 5-Panel Cage design including four to six supports. This *Faraday Cage with Stand is the best solution for compatibility with any model of antivibration tables.


*6-Panel Cages include an added floor copper mesh panel. This is recommended for use on a standard bench top, where no mounting of equipment is required inside the cage. The cage can be placed on any stable even surface.


MCI now offers a new customer-inspired Faraday cage, especially designed as a participant *Sit-In Faraday Cage for EEG research. This large cage with a single large door and wooden base is ideal for research where participants can be seated inside with an EEG netstation. The participants inside the cage can view and respond to the computer monitor information, which is placed outside of the cage, via the inclusion of a high-quality shielded window. The cage is constructed with a wooden base and copper mesh panel below the base (6-Panel Cage) to provide optimal noise reduction whilst protecting the floor conductive mesh panel from wear and tear and ensuring no contact with metal parts of the chair used inside.


Please contact us if you need more information on our Faraday Cage range or if you have any special requirements.

Faraday Cage

MCI Faraday Cages are custom built from high conductivity materials to ensure a large reduction in electromagnetic noise.

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