CleverExplore Illuminate

The CleverExplore Illuminate Neuroscience workstation is a complete electrophysiology setup which incorporates a Mightex Polygon spatial illuminator and CCD camera
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The CleverExplore Illuminate Neuroscience Workstation

The CleverExplore Illuminate is a variation on the CleverExplore system, packaging together the MCI CleverExplore Neuroscience Workstation as the basic building block (microscope, stage and manipulators), but also including the Mightex Polygon400 LED-based spatial illumination system and a compatible 2/3″ CCD camera.

Great Value Compared to Regular Widefield Systems


Packaging these instruments together makes it possible to offer the system in the same price bracket as similar systems that only have standard widefield epifluorescence illumination (LED or Mercury/Metal-halide based). This makes this neuroscience workstation more flexible, better equipped and better value!


In addition to the spatial illumination hardware, the CleverExplore Illuminate includes a sophisticated illumination control software package, perfect for scanning across a sample and projecting images of arbitrary shapes onto your sample.

Better Imaging Experiments

Researchers who use the CleverExplore Illuminate instead of the standard widefield epifluorescence setup are able to project light of any shape (in the horizontal plane) onto the sample. This ability to illuminate only the area of interest has important benefits for reducing phototoxicity and photobleaching outside of this area. You also have the ability to control light intensity and to coordinate illumination time with your camera’s acquisition time, offering the most precise control over illumination short of having to invest in a confocal microscope.

Other commercially available systems allow for this only with huge additional investment. You still have the option of projecting light onto a similar area as will be the case for regular light sources, doing regular widefield epifluorescence imaging.


Optogenetics Control

The setup is also perfect for spatially targeted optogenetics activation or uncaging purposes, depending on the wavelength/s you choose (a wide range is available, and upgrade options will also be made available to allow for multiple wavelengths and additional functionality). It’s easy to target a single cell in culture or in slices for optogenetics activation, and the grid scanning functionality and ability to project a sequence of images makes it easy to investigate network connections.


Variations and Upgrades

The CleverExplore Illuminate offers many additional options and upgrades, and is compatible with DIC, Dodt contrast and Oblique contrast illumination methods. The system is compatible with many other imaging modalities, including multi-photon and confocal.

The CleverExplore Neuroscience Workstation is also available in other configurations, and the Mightex Polygon400 can be used with your current microscope. Request a quote for pricing on the CleverExplore Illuminate, or get in touch with our friendly applications team to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the CleverExplore Illuminate system?

CleverStage motorised U-shaped stage

CeverArm motorised manipulator  x2

CleverScope motorised microscope (with suitable optics)

CleverControl Cuboid wireless control interface with software   x2

Mightex Polygon spatial illuminator

Suitable CCD camera as per your experimental requirements

Plus, Exceptional service, installation and training from our team of experts

Can other components be incorporated into the CleverExplore Illuminate system

Yes. In fact we have a service dedicated to helping you achieve the level of customisation you need for your imaging and/or electrophysiology set up. Please read more on our Bespoke Rig Design service here.

Can I demo a CleverExplore Illuminate system prior to purchase

We always do our best to ensure our customers can trial components or a system before committing to purchase.

CleverExplore Illuminate

The CleverExplore Illuminate Neuroscience workstation is a complete electrophysiology setup which incorporates a Mightex Polygon spatial illuminator and CCD camera