Bespoke Rig Design

Bespoke electrophysiology and imaging rig design, integration, installation and support service.
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If you’re looking to get a new electrophysiology and imaging setup into your lab, our bespoke rig design service may be the best option for you.


MCI’s Bespoke Rig Design Service - what is it?

This solution is for labs who need to build a new electrophysiology and imaging setup.

At MCI, our job is to stay on top of the latest developments in the neurotech space.

We explore and evaluate instrument technology from many developers, and we use this knowledge to your advantage when you need to build a new electrophysiology and imaging setup.

As we don’t sell 3rd party instruments, we can be impartial and recommend devices without being bound by distribution partnerships or special arrangements.

After a consultation with us, you place an order with the selected suppliers and we handle the installation, integration and testing of the new rig.

You benefit by having a setup which is:

  • Ready to produce quality data. We work with you to design and cost-up a rig that will work for your needs. During installation we de-noise the rig, and perform optical alignment and drift tests to ensure you can get data (see our “key guarantees”).
  • Functionally optimized and Customized to your needs. Our informed, impartial advice means we can recommend the best tools for your job. Unlike other companies that only offer their preferred supplier components.
  • Cost effective. We are independent from suppliers, and will therefore not recommend something just because we receive commissions from it. We can also negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, ensuring you get the best set-up at the best price. And with potential DIY and Hybrid-DIY integrations (see “Can I incorporate DIY or Hybrid-DIY components? ” in the FAQs), you can have further savings. We also actively promote, and in some instances offer client support, for freeware packages. Further to these points, by having our applications team install the rig and perform our exhaustive checks, we guarantee to save you time and therefore money.
  • Cutting edge. One of our main priorities is to stay up to date with the latest neuro tech advancements. We can even help you to incorporate a self-built component, or a component that is not yet being marketed actively.
  • Time-saving. All of the above points equate to massive time-saving that frees you up to get on with your research.

Why use MCI's Bespoke Rig Design Service?

MCI-Neuroscience have a combined experience of over 65 years in the field of electrophysiology and imaging, and we actively research the most recent developments in the neurotechnology field.

We understand the needs of experienced neuroscientists who want a rig that is going to help them accomplish their research goals and future-proof their science for the next 10-15 years.

What’s included in the Bespoke Rig Design Service?

To enable us to offer this service and to confidently offer the key guarantees, the package always includes:

How does MCI’s Bespoke Rig Design Service work?

Initial Consultation. If our service is a good match for you, we’ll start with an initial consultation, which is free of charge (this may happen before the grant application stage).

We discuss your preferences, project plans and potential challenges in depth.

If we’re a good match, we’ll provide you with a shopping list of components based on your goals.

We’ll include a quote for the CleverExplore system, and estimated cost for consultation, installation, integration and service. And we also offer the option of gathering quotations on your behalf.

Ordering. When you’re funded, and after you have committed to work with us. We will renew the quotes, and offer the option of negotiating a best price from suppliers on your behalf. Your orders are placed directly with the manufacturers.

Logistics, Installation and Testing. We liaise with the suppliers to synchronize delivery. After delivery, an MCI application scientist will visit your lab to install and test the set up (see “key guarantees” below).

Evaluation. We’ll do an evaluation every second month for the first twelve months after installation. This is to make sure the performance on your setup is optimized.

This is usually done remotely, and will require some feedback from the main user.

It includes a full 360 degree evaluation of system performance against expectations.

Bespoke Rig Design

Bespoke electrophysiology and imaging rig design, integration, installation and support service.

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