Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience Workshop

Written by Simone Le Roux

June 30, 2017

Eighteen students recently met in Paris for two weeks to participate in this year’s Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience WorkshopExpert lecturers and demonstrators from across Europe were invited to present a dense timetable (see below), consisting of lectures and practical hands-on sessions and demonstrations. All topics were focused on techniques and technology in the neurophysiology lab, with emphasis on imaging and electrophysiology.

For the practical sessions, MCI contributed by installing a CleverScope, CleverArm and Stage as well as a manual manipulator on one of the optical tables as part of a patch clamp rig, which was used heavily during the two weeks.

The final timetable for the workshop was:

 Mon 12June

09:30 Registration in Room Gley (3rd floor)

10:30  Welcome and introductory information

11:00 Alain Marty   Paris Descartes       Whole-cell patch clamp

14:00 Boris Barbour      IBENS      Electronics of patch clamp recording

15:30 Jean Livet     Institute LaVision     Transgenic approaches to labeling neurons

Tues 13

10:00  Clement Lena   IBENS     Extracellular recording

11:30 Brandon Stell    Paris Descartes   Fluorescent indicators

14:30 Guillaume Dugué      IBENS      Introduction to Optogenetics 

16:00 Jon Bradley    IBENS   Viral expression strategies

19-00       Group Dinner


Wed 14

10:00 Martin Thomas   Cairn Research    Light sources                     

11:30 Klaus Suhling     Kings, London   Detectors for Fluorescence Microscopy

14-00 Klaus Suhling   Kings, London   Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

16-00 Tutorial/Discussion:  Two Photon Excitation

Thurs 15            

10:00 Jeremy Graham  Cairn Research  CCD and sCMOS cameras

11:30 Stefanie Reichelt  Cancer Research UK   Scanning laser confocal and multi- beam microscopy

14:00 Microscopy at the Ecole Normale Superieur IBENS Imaging Platform  and ENS lab visits

Fri 16   

10:00 Stèphane Dieudonne   IBENS   Methods for fast and flexible laser scanning microscopy

11-30 Lyle Graham    Paris Descartes   Functional roles of neuronal membrane conductances – dynamic clamp.

14:00 Microscopy at the Imaging platform  IBENS


Sat 17     **Experiments Start in Salle Richet at 13-30**

10:00       Marco Canepari  Inserm Grenoble  Optical measurement of membrane potential.

11-30       Hubert Affolter  Sutter Instruments Software control and data analysis in a patch clamp amplifier.

18-00       Troy Margrie   Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre UCL Targeted whole cell recording and transfection in vivo.

Mon 19

10:00 Brad Amos   LMB Cambridge   Overview of methods in optical  microscopy

11-30 Gail McConnell   Institute for Biophotonics Strathclyde  Lasers for one and two photon excitation

14:00 Small group demonstrations – In vivo patch clamp Lyle Graham lab

18:00 Brad Amos  Lecture/demonstration –  Setting up DIC and Resolution in the optical microscope


Tues 20

10-00 Laurent Bourdieu    IBENS     Deep two-photon Imaging in vivo

11:30 Christophe Pouzat   Paris Descartes  Fluorescence imaging analysis: The case of the calcium transients

 14:00 Small group demonstrations – In vivo patch clamp Lyle Graham lab

18:00 Jon Bradley   IBENS      Practical Techniques in viral  transfection.


Weds 21

10:00 David Ogden   Paris Descartes   Photolysis

11:30 Valentina Emiliani    Paris Descartes Wavefront modulation for single and two photon patterned activation

14:00 Small group demonstrations – Wavefront engineering. Valentina Emiliani,, Eirini Papagiakoumou


Thurs 22

10-00 Cathie Ventalon   IBENS   Fluorescence functional imaging in freely moving rodents

11-30 Raphaël Candelier     Laboratoire Jean Perrin   Light Sheet Imaging 

                Small Group Demonstrations: In vivo TP imaging, GECI indicators – Michael Graupner, Brandon Stell labs

18:00       Group Dinner


Fri 23

10:00 Marianne Renner    Institute Fer Moulin     Imaging single molecules in live cells.

11-30  Marc Guillon  Paris Descartes  Super-resolution microscopy

14:00 Demonstrations – Super Resolution Microscopy – Marc Guillon, Martin Oheim

18-00  Maia Brunstein   Paris Descartes   Structured Illumination Microscopy


The organisers were pleased with the participation of this year’s group, and  felt that everyone involved gained much from the discussions and demonstrations. This intense workshop has been popular since it started in 2009 at the Universite Paris Descartes and IBENS – If you’re interested in attending the 2018 workshop, set a reminder to apply via the website www.paris-neuroscience-course.org which will be open for applications from November 2017.

Email us at info@mci-neuroscience.com or ring us on +44 (0) 1825 890 858 for any inquiries.

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