Black Friday Deal for Scientific Equipment


At MCI-Neuroscience, we work hard to develop cutting-edge technologies to enable scientists the world over to carry out their exciting and ground-breaking research.
As a specialist company, we employ engineers and scientists to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers as they try to advance our understanding of the brain and other biological systems.
This year we are celebrating five years of trading since our foundation in 2013. We are very proud to have been supplying scientists across the world with our technologies and equipment to enable them to perform their cutting-edge experiments.
To honor this milestone, we are offering scientists a special discount of 10%-off of any purchase orders received on Friday November 23, 2018.
The 10% reduction is applicable to all products listed on the website:
Whether it’s consumables you need or whole new electrophysiology rig, request a quote or more information on our products now by emailing