The optogenetics field is changing the face of neuroscience research! This technique allows for precise control of neuronal activity, opening numerous new applications to study brain circuits. The optogenetics method entails expressing light-sensitive proteins in cells and using light pulses to control their electrical activity.

Whether you are working with drosophilia, zebrafish, mouse, rat or larger animals, MCI can provide you with the tools to efficiently conduct your experiments. Our range of optogenetics equipment is adapted to ex vivo patch clamp recordings, behavioural studies, freely moving animal deep-tissue illuminations, and in vitro stimulations.


CleverExplore Illuminate and Bepoke Rig Design

The CleverExplore Illuminate is a superb neuroscience workstation upgraded specifically for optogenetics research. This system comprises as standard the MCI CleverScope, CleverStage U-shaped stage, and CleverArm manipulators. In Addition, the Migthex Polygon LED-base spatial illuminator and a suitable scientific camera are also incorporated. This complete optogenetics system comes at a greatly reduced rate, compared to the various components ordered separately.

If you are looking into incorporating some unique equipment into your optogenetics rig, we might have an optimal solution. Please visit our Bespoke Rig Design service page to see how you can benefit and assure your future in optogenetics research.


Teleopto Wireless Optical Stimulation

The Teleopto wireless optical stimulation system is the ideal solution for your optogenetics experiments in freely moving animals. This wireless technology comprises a light-weight head-mounted receiver to trigger light pulses. The Teleopto range of receivers are compatible with most rodent sizes for perfect fixation and can control up to 4 channels simultaneously. Contact us now for more information.


Mightex Polygon Systems

The Mightex Polygon is a spatial pattern illuminator that provides precise spatiotemporal illumination with sub-cellular resolution. It is based on the digital mirror device (DMD) technology to project multiple patterns of light simultaneously. The team of experts at MCI can also incorporate the Polygon into out CleverExplore workstations for the ultimate in vivo and in vitro optogenetics rigs. Furthermore, the Polygon can be coupled to the OASIS implant system for use in behavioural task studies.


LED Array for Optogenetics

This full waterproof LED array system is ideal for those wishing to perform optogenetic stimulation in vitro. The Teleopto LED array is suitable for use in both cell and tissue cultures. It is compatible with any commercial multi-well plates, e.g. 6, 12, 24, and 96 well plates. Its compact design and portability make it the ideal solution for working on a bench on in a culture incubator.


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Additionally, if you are looking into investing in some innovative DIY solutions or a new and future-proof optogenetics setup, we could be of assistance. Please see more information on our Bespoke Rig Design service here.