In Vivo Imaging

In Vivo Imaging

In vivo imaging technologies are helping to unlock the secrets of the brain, understand the cellular organisation of tissues, recognize pathology and diagnose disease. In a short period of time, these imaging systems have become some of the most sought after solutions on the market. However, current technologies are cumbersome, are limited in their application and cannot resolve sub-cellular structures. Therefore, scientists working with small animals such as mice or rats are looking into alternative techniques.

Born from our quest to understand more about the inner workings of the brain, we developed a unique microlens technology to provide researchers with unparalleled resolution and minimal invasiveness. This technology allows fluorescence microscopy of superficial and deep-tissue, in vivo. Our partner Mightex’s complementary portfolio allows us to deliver a complete offer for in vivo imaging, whether you are interested in exploring the nervous system or other physiological structures.


Pryer Endoscopic Objective

The Pryer is an endoscopic compound objective, designed to upgrade existing microscopes for imaging deep tissues in vivo. Its microlens technology is ideal for imaging at sub-cellular resolution from hippocampus, deep cortical layers and other deep areas. It is designed to be mounted on our CleverScope Motorised Microscope, and particularly recommended with our In Vivo CleverScope configuration.

The Pryer is also compatible with existing confocal, two-photon and widefield epifluorescence microscopes from Olympus, Nikon and Zeiss. This high-end objective allows for deep tissue access in anaesthetized animals, awake animals with head fixation, and even in chronic recordings with a purpose-built adaptor.



The DiveScope imaging system enables sub-cellular resolution image acquisition from multiple areas simultaneously and in real-time. The DiveScope can be used for in vivo and in vitro imaging applications. Its small size, versatility and ease of use makes it the perfect tool for the life scientist or medic.

By combining the DiveScope with our super-stable CleverArm micromanipulators, you can achieve any angle of approach whilst maintaining nanometre precision. The whole system, including the DiveScope, the motorised micromanipulator and the acquisition and analysis software, makes it the smallest motorised epifluorescence microscope on the market. The system’s small footprint and versatility combined with its high resolution microlens optics, means you can perform the ultimate in vivo imaging.


OASIS Implant by Mightex Systems

The OASIS Implant, developed and produced by Mightex Systems, is the perfect complement to our deep tissue imaging technology. It is composed of a fibre bundle coupled to an implanted GRIN lens. The OASIS Implant allows the imaging and the light stimulation of superficial and deep brain tissues, in anaesthetized or freely-moving animals. While connected to the Mightex Polygon, it enables a patterned optical illumination of subcellular structures.


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