In Vitro Imaging

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In vitro imaging

In vitro imaging is a multidisciplinary field that consists of generating, collecting and visualising images invisible to the human eye. MCI’s instruments portfolio covers various experimental designs, such as performing cell culture or ex vivo fluorescence imaging, as well as brain slice infrared visualisation in patch-clamp techniques. Our main in vitro Imaging system is built around our upright CleverScope motorised microscope, the finest of microscopy technology, which can incorporate any scientific camera.



The CleverScope motorised microscope was developed to offer infinite possibilities for integrating different imaging modalities. The stability and excellent quality of the integrated optics make it the ideal building block for a patch-clamp and imaging setup. Its modular design further makes integration easy.

The reliable and noise-free stepper motors of the CleverScope are ideal to adjust the objective and the condenser focus. Additionally, our microscope also includes manual override wheels, giving you more options and flexibility during operation.

Our system comes with excellent integrated optics, compatible with infrared and various contrast techniques such as differential interference contrast (DIC) or oblique contrast.

Finally, the substage optics can also be removed easily for fast and efficient switching between in vitro and in vivo configurations, allowing a great variety of applications.


CleverExplore Illuminate and Bespoke Rig Design

If you are looking for a complete in vitro imaging setup, our CleverExplore Illuminate includes our CleverScope in a complete workstation. This workstation usually also comprises a CleverScope motorised U-shaped stage, an LED-based spatial illuminator and a compatible CCD scientific camera.

If the in vitro imaging setup you want for your lab requires specific equipment, such as DIY solutions, you will definitely benefit greatly from our unique service: the Bespoke Rig Design. Please follow this link to find more information.


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