Electrophysiology is the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues, particularly in the brain and the heart. In neuroscience, it specifically involves the measure of electrical activity of neurons. Whether you are performing extracellular recording methods or using the patch-clamp technique, MCI has quality electrophysiology equipment for your lab! Our CleverExplore workstation has been designed as a complete solution and can accommodate both in vivo and in vitro recordings.

We offer a range of Electrophysiology equipment including Micromanipulators, Microscopes, Stages, Optical Tables and a unique Bespoke Rig Design service for Neuroscience applications. For more information about applications, costs and to place an order, please contact our experienced team today.


MCI Offers 3 Configurations

The CleverExplore workstation comes in 3 different configurations, depending on your requirements:

CleverExplore with CleverStage

This system combines the innovative features of the CleverScope motorised microscope, two CleverArm motorised micromanipulators and the CleverStage motorised translation stage. This configuration is ideal for 2-photon and confocal microscopes, where the optical pathway should be fixed. It is the recommended setup for both in vivo and in vitro experiments. The removable substage optics further allow for easy switching between these configurations, giving you flexibility for future research.

CleverExplore with CleverMount

This configuration includes the CleverScope motorised microscope, two CleverArm motorised micromanipulators, the CleverMount motorised XY upright microscope stage, two EasyAdjust mounting pillars for the manipulators and one EasyAdjust sample-holding mounting pillar. This setup is ideal for brain/tissue slices studies.

CleverExplore Illuminate

This neuroscience workstation is specifically designed for optogenetics research. This variation of the CleverExplore workstation comprises as standard a CleverScope, a CleverStage and a CleverArm. Additionally, it includes the Mightex Polygon LED-based spatial illuminator and a suitable scientific camera. This is sold as a complete optogenetics system at a greatly reduced rate, positioning it in the same price range as standard widefield epifluorescence systems.



Our micromanipulators provide you with an excellent movement precision. Their submicron resolution is ideal for demanding experiments such as single-cell patch-clamp recordings. We offer a motor-driver micromanipulator, the CleverArm, and the EasyArm manual manipulator. Our CleverArm is the first wifi-controlled motorised micromanipulator on the market. It is built to the highest standards for patch clampers who need absolute reliability, stability and precision. The wifi control reduces potential problems with wire management around the setup and offers additional control functionality as well as options for customising the control interface to suit user preferences.


Tables, Cages and Bespoke Rig Design

Combined with our CleverExplore workstation, we offer all equipment necessary to complete your electrophysiology setup. Our Anti-Vibration Optical Tables are ideal for isolating your sample from external vibrations. Our Faraday Cages are the perfect complement to keep your recordings noise-free.

If you are looking to invest in a completely new electrophysiology rig for your lab and have specific requirements, you will benefit greatly from our unique service: the Bespoke Rig Design. Please follow this link to find more information on how our unique service works.


Looking for a manually driven workstation? Our Easy-range is made for you!

Patch-clamp experiments require motor-driven equipment with submicron resolution. However, the electrophysiology field is not limited to single cell recordings and for a lot of uses, manually driven tools are efficient options. Unlike most manufacturers, MCI developed a range of high-quality manually driven components to give you more flexibility. You will have the choice between the EasyMount XY stage, the U-shaped translational EasyStage, the EasyPlatform with its adjustable sample bridge, the EasyAdjust Mounting Pillar and the EasyArm Manual Manipulator. This range of products allow you to build an entire manually driven workstation, or substitute some motorised components for high-end manual ones, at a competitive price. Have a look at our EasyExplore product page for options on complete cost-effective electrophysiology rigs.


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If you would like to discuss our electrophysiology range or get more information about our Bespoke Rig Design, please get in touch with our team today. We supply labs the world over with a huge range of neuroscience equipment and we have been supporting scientists in their technology quest for years. If you need help to design your future setup, our team would be happy to assist you.