MCI offers a wide range of products for applications such as Imaging, Optogenetics and Electrophysiology. Please find all our products related to each of the applications in the links below:


Extensive range of in vivo & in vitro imaging solutions


Comprehensive optogenetics toolbox


Complete in vivo & in vitro electrophysiology systems

Exciting recent advances in technologies have changed the preclinical neuroscience research field. New light-sensitive tools and engineering developments are pushing the study of neurons, neuronal circuits and animal behaviour towards a multi-disciplinary approach.

Micro Control Instruments is at the forefront of this trend and working to offer the best flexible solutions. MCI is a specialist in developing and integrating cutting-edge technology in the fields of Imaging, Optogenetics and Electrophysiology. We are also improving the way scientists and biotech companies work together towards building the ultimate lab conditions by refining our portfolio of services, such as the Bespoke Rig Design.


Combining Imaging, Optogenetics and Electrophysiology

In vitro cell culture, ex vivo brain slices and in vivo tissues are the main models to study neuronal networks. MCI offers a range of equipment covering all these experiments. Our CleverExplore workstation is the ideal setup to combine fluorescence imaging and electrophysiology recordings. This workstation can further be upgraded, with easily integrated powerful LEDs and the Mightex Polygon, a spatiotemporal pattern illuminator, enabling you to perform calcium imaging and optogenetics experiments. We provide a vast selection of Stages and Mounts in order to integrate your sample in our setup, whether it is a petri dish, a slice recording chamber or a head-fixation bridge. Our CleverScope motorised microscope is compatible with optics from all main suppliers on the market (Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, etc…) and can be supplied with contrast imaging technologies, mandatory for patch-clamp recordings. We also developed our own In Vivo CleverScope, specifically or in vivo imaging.


In Vivo Applications

In vivo recording technologies are becoming increasingly popular. Intravital imaging of various organs in the body, studying interactions between distant tissues or characterising intact brain area activity, are the new fundamental approaches to complex physiological questions. However, there are still some limits with regards to in vivo equipment and MCI is building on a portfolio to overcome these. Listed below you will find some scenarios with recommendations on our most suitable products that will benefit your research.


  • If you want to perform deep-tissue fluorescence imaging with sub-cellular resolution from multiple regions simultaneously, MCI has the optimal solution
  • If you are interested in imaging small structures such as dendritic spines from deep brain areas in vivo, with integration of optogenetic or calcium imaging features, see our Pryer – the only endoscopic objective on the market!
  • When your research question absolutely requires in vivo imaging of deep tissue, together with light illumination or calcium imaging, and the study has to be done in freely moving animals, we highly recommend the OASIS Implant, which can be also be upgraded with the Polygon1000 for added pattern illumination
  • Should you only focus on optogenetic light stimulation in freely moving animals and have no imaging requirements, but you are worried that the light-guide implemented on your animal’s head will affect its behaviour and your data, our Teleopto wireless stimulators will be ideal!

These are only the tip of the iceberg! Whether you are performing imaging, optogenetics or electrophysiology experiments, MCI surely has a quality solution to offer. Please visit our different application categories and get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options.


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